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“Why Isn’t Ranbir Kapoor Doing Good Films Anymore?”

“Why Isn’t Ranbir Kapoor Doing Good Films Anymore?”

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Reams have been written and spoken about Ranbir Kapoor’s recent choice of films – from Besharam to Bombay Velvet. “Is he a fading star?” “Is this the end of his career?” “Will he rise again?” And so on and so forth. The 33-year old has constantly been criticized and questioned over his decisions.

Someone on Quora recently asked me, “Why isn’t Ranbir Kapoor making good films anymore?”

It’s funny and rather trite how we put celebs on a pedestral with one hit, and pull the same pedestral off under them, the Friday they give a flop. We do the same for cricketers/sportsmen. It’s become a Friday-to-Friday game, with crores becoming a standard yardstick.

Here’s how I responded to the question: “A film doing/not doing well is a matter of chance. Even a great script on paper may turn out something completely different on screen. When an actor signs a script, there’s obviously a vision he’s committing to or seeing himself achieve, which may or may not translate on screen as initially thought out.

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the few star kids to have been experimental with his choices. I remember reading Rishi Kapoor in an interview, where he said, “I don’t tell my son what films to do or not to do. If I did, I would never tell him to do films like Rocket Singh etc. Those aren’t the films that create a hero out of an actor in Hindi cinema.” I’m not quoting him verbatim but I hope you get the idea. Coming from a film family, with every resource at his avail and a perfect launch under the perfect banner, the actor has chosen to challenge himself with all kinds of films/genres. I respect him more for the choices he’s made than complain about the flops he’s been part of.

PS: Amitabh Bachchan gave 12 consecutive flops before his first big hit.”

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I came across an interview this evening of Ranbir with Rajeev Masand, in which he sums up where he is in life today, professionally and personally, how he sees himself, the decisions he’s made, the conscious changes he’d like to bring about in himself and his craft. And I think that’s the stuff stars are made of. Acknowledging and accepting where you flounder, staying humble about your achievements, learning lessons along the way and carrying them on your way up.


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