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7 Underrated Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

7 Underrated Movies You Need To Watch Right Now

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Everyone loves their typical blockbusters, sci-fi films, action thrillers — that are critically acclaimed all across the globe. But sometimes, shockingly, there happen to be hidden (not-so-hidden actually, I don’t even know how they’re not noticed much) gems over the years, that are just sitting there, waiting for your eyes to gaze upon them. There are movies you may have heard of but didn’t bother watching because it wasn’t your favourite actors’ best film or his most popular one? What if I told you that those overlooked/underrated movies just might be better than their biggest box office blockbusters? Here are 7 movies that I think are criminally underrated, and deserve a watch. Or even multiple watches. Keep in mind, they’re in no particular order.


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1. The Master (2012)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson has made some absolute masterpieces, most notably There Will Be Blood, and more recently, Phantom Thread. But my most favourite work of his will always be The Master. Actually, no, I’m lying there. There Will Be Blood is also an absolute favourite of mine, but The Master equals it in my opinion.

Joaquin Phoenix stars as WWII veteran Freddie Quell. He gives a career-best performance which outranks the likes of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, who portray leaders of a Scientology-like cult that recruits Freddie and causes him to find meaning and belonging for once in society. This movie is a haunting depiction of the struggles of a lost and traumatized individual such as Freddie, and Joaquin gives a miraculous performance in bringing that character to life.


2. A History of Violence (2005)

Director: David Cronenberg

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As evidenced by the title, you probably wouldn’t want your kid seeing this. A History of Violence is smart, compelling, deliberately slow, and *very* violent. Viggo Mortenson is Tom Stall, an everyday Joe in a small town somewhere in the midwest, owns a diner, with a loving wife and two kids. But when two Mafia-looking strangers come wandering to his place accusing him of being the most insane, bloodthirsty mobster who went into hiding years ago, things go sideways.

A History of Violence exaggerates quite a bit on the ‘violence’ part. But it is much more than that. It is a meditation on the human mind, the trust between man and wife, and the horrors that one man can inflict upon another. It’s probably Viggo Mortenson’s career-best performance.


3. Children of Men (2006)

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

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Image Source: Film Society of Lincoln Center

Roma wasn’t Alfonso Cuaron’s only masterpiece. Children of Men is one of the most thought-provoking and touching films I have ever seen. The year is 2027. All women are infertile and the world is in the midst of complete social collapse. When one of the last children born on Earth is murdered, his death sets off massive protests and violent conflicts between sectarian groups.

Clive Owen stars as Theo, a bureaucrat who is thrown into the midst of this chaos. He soon finds a refugee name Kee (Claire-Hope Ashitey), and their journey to get to safety. The movie is bleak, and it hits you in the gut hard. But in the end, it gets you back up with a sense of renewed hope.


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4. RocknRolla (2008)

Director: Guy Ritchie

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If you haven’t seen this movie, then my friend, you are missing out. Guy Ritchie isn’t exactly William Shakespeare, but his stories are damn fun. RocknRolla gives a fun, hilarious insight into the world of black money laundering and the real estate mafia. This is classic Guy Ritchie (did I mention I love Guy Ritchie?) in his wacky crime caper glory.

Oh, the movie also stars British stars Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba. I think that’s all the excuse you’ll need to check this one out.


5. Drive (2011)

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

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Image Source: Variety

In a Taxi Driver-esque movie, Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver who, after befriending his neighbor and forming a romance with her, becomes involved in protecting her and her son from the mob. Gosling has starred in movies like La La LandFirst ManThe Notebook and so on. Drive will always be my favourite movie of his.

The movie screams ‘art’ despite being so brutal. With some of the greatest car chases in film history, Drive is an earth-shattering crime epic that reflects the motifs of the human soul. The Oscars ignored the movie in its entirety, viewing it as another violent car chase movie. Shame.

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6. The Tree of Life (2011)

Director: Terrence Malick

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Image Source: IndieWire

Through the lives of a Texas-based family in the 1960s, Terrence Malick shows us the beauty of life on a universal as well as a spiritual scale. The cinematography is stunning, to say the least, and if you’re a romantic like me, this movie will move you, and give you a renewed sense of optimism and appreciation for life and your surroundings. It’s meant to show you the true meaning of life. Check it out to see whether you agree with me on this. I think it’s one of the director’s best and among the most underrated movies of our times.


7. Sin City (2005)

Directors: Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino

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Image Source: IndieWire

A true crime epic. Based on Frank Miller’s masterpiece of a graphic novel, Miller teams up with Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez to make a movie that could only be perfect if they directed it. And surprise, surprise, it was.

This movie runs on different chapters, connecting characters, all in one setting. Typical Tarantino. And it’s packed with superstar actors playing intriguing characters, in the run-down corrupt hellhole that is Basin City. Sin City should be embraced as the wildly fun crime epic that it is. One could even call it a film noir classic. I wouldn’t disagree with that.

There we are! Your turn. Which do you think are the most underrated movies cinephiles have overlooked all along? Tell us your favourites in the comments below.

By Aditya Sarma


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