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Badrinath ki Dulhaniya (2017) Review: A Breezy Entertainer

Badrinath ki Dulhaniya (2017) Review: A Breezy Entertainer

Bollywood has a pathetic record of successful sequels/franchises. 2014 gave us a charming entertainer in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, reminiscent of the so many filmy love stories we’ve grown up watching, yet unique and fresh in its own way. One of the biggest box office hits of 2014, the film gave us a screen pair capable of pulling off a money spinner. Badrinath ki Dulhaniya starts off slow and is an average fare until around Aparshakti Khurana’s entry into the film.

It has your undivided attention then on.

The proceedings pack enough twists, with doses of humor and romance, building up to a heightened climax.

For a film that drives a point home on women (and gender inequality at large) through its lead character, Alia’s is a well written part.

She perfectly complements her hero with a sense of ease and calm she infuses to the character.

But in a no-holds barred performance, it’s Varun who steals this show.


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His endearing screen presence, dramatic flair and unrestrained abandon in his dialogue delivery, fortify his image of a true blue masala hero.

Together Alia and Varun hold this film, supported by a brilliant ensemble of actors.

Sahil Vaid, as Varun’s friend (also seen in Humpty Sharma) brings comic relief.

Their bromance is as crackling as Varun and Alia’s chemistry. Shweta Basu Prasad, Rituraj Singh and Aparshakti Khurana too impress in brief roles.

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The climax may seem like an easy resolve (to the parallel-y running patriarchal and gender discrimination themes).

But is well-intentioned and brilliantly reached by Varun Dhawan.

The prequel is still a better bet.

But Badrinath ki Dulhaniya is a worthy instalment in a franchise to look out for from Bollywood. It’s a mainstream masala film done right!


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