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Bahubali 2 (2017) Review: Fantastical Cinematic Extravaganza

Bahubali 2 (2017) Review: Fantastical Cinematic Extravaganza

Bahubali 2 review

Film critic Saibal Chatterjee’s review of Bahubali 2 is a masterclass in analytical thinking. It examines the warts and strengths of this fantastical cinematic extravaganza with aplomb and scholarship.

The review’s logical thinking resonates with me. It does.

Yet, I am in absolute awe of the Bahubali adventure, the scale and magnificence of its production design and the power and audacity of the imagination of its creator, SS Rajamouli.


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The Bahubali series makes you more than suspend disbelief. It takes you to the realm of the possible: gigantic waterfalls, a mythical kingdom, a rising to the clouds city, water to air transport, palace intrigues, unusual war sequences and so much more.

All choreographed and shot with such dexterity that it makes you marvel at human prowess and skill.

Kreem’s music is spellbinding and trance-inducing.

Indian cinema has seen or experienced nothing like this celestial madness.

I hope that one day soon Rajamouli can pack in these two parts into one glorious film of three hours, subtitle it in English and expose the global audiences to the magic of Indian cinema.


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This is magic surrealism and superhero ethos rolled into one mind-blowing journey. And it is more than that.

Awesome all the way, overwhelming in most parts and extraordinary from conception to execution.

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Experience it. Hail the power of Rajamouli. I bow to you, Sir. Thank you for this indulgence. Thanks for showing us what’s possible. Thank you for the genius.

Where to Watch: Netflix – Bahubali: The Beginning | Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Rating: 4/5

By Sanjay Trehan



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