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7 Bollywood Comedies To Binge Watch On Netflix

7 Bollywood Comedies To Binge Watch On Netflix

Bollywood offers a handful of choices when it comes to a well-written, laugh-out-loud comedy. Fewer still are films available for streaming on digital platforms. Here are, what we think, the best Bollywood comedy movies on Netflix streaming right now. These films were playing as of July 29, 2021. Bookmark this page to stay updated with the latest titles.


7. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya (2014)

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A light, breezy entertainer you can afford several viewings of, without getting bored, Shashank Khaitaan’s debut film hits the right notes, keeping viewers engaged throughout. The humor is never overdone or repetitive.

A modern spin on the classic DDLJ, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania has all the elements of a Bollywood romance. Varun Dhawan and Ali Bhatt share a warm, easy chemistry that’s visible in their performances and have you rooting for them and their love story. This is mainstream Bollywood romcom done right.


6. Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017)

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A light-hearted comedy in a small-town setting, Bareilly Ki Barfi is rooted in realistic characters and a relatable universe. After Nil Battey Sannata (2015), Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s second outing was favorably received and Ayushmann Khurrana’s performance particularly stood out. He convincingly portrayed his part, alongside co-actors Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Sanon. His transformation within the timeframe of the film is remarkable as he is able to transition from a desperate lover to a selfish manipulator who can go to any length to win the love of his life.


5. Ludo

You’re constantly reminded of Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Tamil feature Super Deluxe which plays on a similar terrain (and a genre rarely well explored in Bollywood). But this stylised multi-narrative dark comedy holds its own, thanks to taut storytelling, particularly in the first half and and an incredible ensemble cast including Pankaj Tripathi, Rajkummar Rao, Abhishek Bachchan. A stretched out second half may have dampened the overall pace but Anurag Basu’s Ludo is still a riveting watch.


4. Stree (2018)

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Horror comedy is a barely explored, if not a completely untrodden territory for Hindi cinema. We’ve only scratched the surface. But with Raj and DK’s zombie horror Go Goa Gone (2013) and now Stree (2018), we’ve come a step closer to justifying the genre.

From the atmospherics to the sound design, cinematography (Amalendu Chaudhary) to the performances, Stree has a lot going for it. Like all unusual, inexplicable ghost stories we’ve grown up watching, here too we’re served with a tale that defies easy explanations but one that draws you right in. There’s no time for why-abouts when you’re already warned with a ‘based on a ridiculous phenomenon’ disclaimer. Credits also to the writers (Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK) and the director (Amar Kaushik) who keep you riveted in this imaginative tale, which, if not in good hands, could’ve possibly looked outrageously silly.


3. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

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This cult classic starring Amir Khan and Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor is a laugh riot. It utilises both dialogues and situational comedy. The film also uses some overly eccentric characters that add a lot of colour to the film as a whole.

The iconic crime master Gogo, for example. His dialogue, “Aakhein nikalke gotiya khelunga” has such a weird ring to it. Yet, when Shakti Kapoor delivers it in his trademark comic style, it becomes infinitely funny. There is a certain charm to this film that is unavoidable and unignorable.


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2. Delhi Belly (2011)

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This was not your typical Bollywood fare. A black comedy, Delhi Belly revolved around the life of three roommates – a journalist, a photographer and a cartoonist. A host of confusions arise as they get involved in a gang battle when a package to be delivered to a gangster gets mixed up with stool samples. Imagine the hilarity of the situation and couple that with what ensues. But the bigger task was to have effectively pulled it all off with the desired impact. And Delhi Belly is a smart, crackling comedy thanks to a taut, clever script by Akshat Verma and masterful direction by Abhinay Deo.


1. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008)

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Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! was proof of Banerjee’s ability to create a smart, brilliantly written story with equally well-written characters. It may have been a comedy, but it was darker than it was. You just needed to look into the fine print, and uncover the subtext. It expects as much of the audience as the audience expects of the film.

It’s a Catch Me If You Can-esque film, with a Delhi twist. A cool thief, a great soundtrack, and an intelligent film that respects the audience. Can’t ask for more.


There we are! These are some of the best bollywood comedy movies on Netflix. Which are your favorites? Let’s talk in the comments below.


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