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Game Of Thrones (TV Show): Imaginative, Expansive, Explosive

Game Of Thrones (TV Show): Imaginative, Expansive, Explosive

Game of Thrones

Brace up, winter is coming!

Sexposition, blood, gore, mutilation and decapitation apart, Game of Thrones is most impressive, expansive, imaginative, explosive and overwhelming television drama that I have seen so far. One runs out of words to describe the magic and the majesty of this medieval fantasy hyperdrama.

I don’t think I can even attempt to review GOT. Such is the scale of its ambition that it dwarfs ordinary men.

Previously I had loved Twin Peaks, Lost, Peaky Blinders and Outlander but GOT with its fire-spitting flying dragons, the petite and conquering dragon queen, the dwarf and the eunuch, the king in the north, the three-eyed raven, the wall and the night king with his army of the dead takes storytelling to a different level.

This is a visual feast for the kings with all the accompanying melodrama and mayhem.

Its towering cities are full of murder, little birds that spy, degeneration and deceit — the games powerful people play and pay with their lives.

Each character, howsoever small and insignificant, is fleshed out and has a backstory.

And then there’s the Iron Throne that draws to itself the rivers of blood.

Can the unsullied be ever redeemed? Will a just world be created? Look at that assassin with no name with a half-formed smirk. How naive can I be!

The series is addictive, to say the least. It’s an opium drip that puts you in a perennial trance and you can’t get enough of it.

It’s substance abuse of the gigantic-cinema kind.

Those 67 hours were made by a time machine manufactured in Westeros. No, Martin, Benioff and Weiss cannot be human! I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms and can’t wait for mid April to snort the concluding S8.

Winter is here. So…

Will life ever be the same after the epochal and mind-altering Game of Thrones?


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