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7 Soulful Lyrics From Bollywood Songwriter Irshad Kamil

7 Soulful Lyrics From Bollywood Songwriter Irshad Kamil

Irshad Kamil is one of the most prolific lyricists of modern day Bollywood. His command of lyrics, particularly when it comes to loneliness and isolation, is no match to his contemporaries. Tamasha, Rockstar, Jab We Met, Highway, Sultan and Aashiqui 2 are fine examples of this. Let’s take a look at some of his best works, especially with A.R. Rahman.


1. Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha)

Love heals, hate hurts, but apathy devastates. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics present a conflicted personality inside each one of us. The girl is unconditionally in love with the boy. But whether the boy is acting indifferent to this love because he hates her or doesn’t care at all is never really answered. Arijit’s rendition of the lyrics in two distinct pitches underlines this dichotomy. Ranbir suffers from bipolar disorder in the film and the lyrics capture his struggle to be dissociated with Deepika’s view of his true personality.

The words Agar Tum Saath Ho on the surface convey contrasting emotions from Arijit’s and Alka’s voice. But dig a little deeper and you’d figure that both are yearning to be with each other.

It was one hell of a task for Irshad and he nailed it.

Best lines:

teri nazron mein hai tere sapne,
tere sapnon mein hai naraazi,
mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil ki
hoti lafzon ki dhokhebaazi
tum saath ho ya na ho
kya fark hai
bedard thi zindagi bedard hai


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2. Maahi Ve (Highway)

best bollywood lyrics

The Stockholm syndrome (finding freedom in bondage) which is the main theme of Highway forms the basis of these lyrics. The feeling of security from a person you can truly depend on is explored here. Veera for the first time has found freedom to be who she is, living with Mahabir. It is a complex willingness to submit to a person who she knows will never keep her captive. Mahabir himself has found a new meaning in protecting Veera and loves this ability to make her laugh and cry. The unconventional love that unfolds on screen flows through the lyrics with A.R. Rahman’s unmistakable score.

Best lines:

Ye jeena bhi, naa jeena bhi
Hai dono ka tum se hi vaasta
O.. main hi to hoon tera pataa
Hai doosra naa koi raasta
Aaye mujh tak wo tum ko jo ho dhoondhta
Meri khaamoshiyon mein hai tu bolta
Ye jeena bhi, naa jeena bhi
Jo bhi hua hai wo tum se hua…


3. Tum Tak (Raanjhanaa)

best songwriter irshad kamil tum tak

Kundan’s obsession and love for Zoya couldn’t have been better conveyed. His unhealthy fascination with Zoya which borders on psychological disorder forms the first part of the lyrics. The second part of the lyrics when the song starts naino ke ghat leeja, naino ki raiyya has a meditative quality to it. It is the willingness to be destroyed in unrequited love and taking the gamble of his life that you admire. Love is difficult and there is no better explanation for it than tum tak.

Best lines:

Naino ke dhaak leja, naino ki raiyya,
Patwar tu hai meri, tu khewaiyaa,
Jaana hai paar tere, tu hi bhawar hai,
Pohonchegi paar kaise, naazuk si naiyya.

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4. Nadaan Parindey (Rockstar)

bollywood lyricist irshad kamil

Irshad’s ability to grapple with the most convoluted emotions in simple words is unmatched. In Nadaan Parindey, he tackles a Rockstar’s descent into madness and destruction. The lyrics are a plea to himself to stop running from the pain he feels. Wherever you go, whatever you do to avoid this suffering, you will need the love of your home.

In the later part, the lyrics take you to the perspective of a person waiting anxiously for his/her loved one when kaga re kaga re mori, itni araj tose chun chun khaiyo maas. Perhaps it’s Jordan’s eagerness to see his love one last time. Or he just wants to be free from the pain of losing his one cherished love? It’s open to interpretation.

Best lines:

Kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tose
Chun chun khaaiyo maans
Kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tose
Chun chun khaaiyo maans
Re jiya re khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Hai piya ke milan ki aas
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Khaaiyon na tu naina mor
Hai piya ke milan ki aas


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