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What Is It Like To Meet Ranbir Kapoor?

What Is It Like To Meet Ranbir Kapoor?

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I’ve had a ginarmous crush on Ranbir Kapoor since Wake up Sid (2009), one of the better films from the early part of his career. He showed promise right from his first film. Sawariya. 2007. But it took me a couple of films to warm up to him.

It was 2013 (October 3) when I first invited to meet and interview him. I was head over heels, love stricken by then. Sadly, the event was to happen in Mumbai. I was in Gurgaon. And I received an email only twenty four hours before the event. There was no way I was going to make it.

I heaved a happy sigh of relief when I received an SMS the next morning notifying cancellation of the event.

But two year later it finally happened. February 9, 2015. He was in my town to promote his friend Vikramjit’s film Roy.

Ranbir Kapoor came across as one of the most humble, grounded actors I’ve met. (Besides, he was the perfect mix of suave and sensitivity).



He took every question with sincerity and earnestness. I remember asking him if there was a role or a film that he regretted playing/doing. Here’s what he had to say: “What ever I am today or have achieved in life is all an amalgamation of everything I have done. Even Sawariya was a big disaster. (Which was my debut film). But it gave me so much. It grounded me so much. It prepared me (for what was ahead). I think every failure is very important. If you don’t face failures, you don’t really strive for success. So I don’t think I have any regrets.”

Politically correct, you might say and I thought so too, back then. But then it takes guts to call out one of your films, especially your first (where your performance was, in fact, appreciated).

After the conference concluded, it became difficult to control the crowd. He was swarmed by reporters, photographers and the public. Everyone wanted a picture with the actor. It was a crazy but a happy place.

Minutes later, his team announced they were ready to wind up, leaving all disappointed. Ranbir immediately took the mic from someone on stage and said, “Come, let’s take pictures.” That was it! The crowd went into a frenzy.

My 5-year-old nephew was with me who, by the way, is a bigger fan of Ranbir Kapoor. I wanted to make sure Advit meets him.

As he saw us come towards the stage, he waved at us (having noticed his youngest fan 🙂 ) to come up. I noticed him ask Advit something as my little one walked coyly but excitedly towards him. Here’s the picture:


Meeting Ranbir Kapoor
After a few more fan pictures, he was ready to leave. There were mostly group pictures being taken all around after this one.

Just as he was about to step out the door, I asked him for a picture. He noticed the iPad in my hand, caught hold of it, flicked around the camera and said, “Here, let’s take this.” I think I lost my bearings for the next few hours.

I find it a little embarrassing sharing pictures on a public platform so I’ll hold it back but it’s a moment I recall with immense enthusiasm each time.

A memory, a day that will stay with me forever!


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